Quick Overview

SAB Hospitality is a trusted provider of high-quality nutritional food services for patients, attendants, and hospital staff across India. With a deep understanding of the challenges that patients face, we provide customized meal plans tailored to meet their unique dietary requirements. Our experienced team works closely with hospital staff and nutritionists to ensure patients receive the nutrients they need to recover quickly.

We also operate a canteen service that serves nutritious meals and snacks to hospital staff and attendants, helping them stay energized and focused throughout their shifts. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond food services for patients, and we form partnerships with our clients to tailor programs that address the unique needs of each facility we serve.

We take pride in serving major cities across India, including Lucknow, Varanasi, Kanpur, Noida, and all major metro cities. Our company has been providing business-to-business service partnerships to the healthcare industry since 2012, allowing our clients to focus on their core business while we handle their food services needs. At SAB Hospitality, we are committed to delivering value and raising one satisfied customer at a time.

Our contractual service company has been providing business to business service partnerships to the Healthcare Industry since its commencement, allowing our clients to concentrate on their core business. We stand behind our proactive approach and commitment to quality and we pledge to uphold this tradition by providing value to our clients and growing one satisfied customer at a time.

Value Statement

Our work is guided by key values & our relationship with People we serve.

  • The patient always comes first we are dedicated to patient care.
  • We treat each person with Respect & Dignity.
  • We hear the issues of our patients & respect them and do everything in our powe to help.
  • We keep ourselves well educated so that we can apply new developments in our field.
  • We believe that patient deserve to have timely access to healthcare & that our system should reflect this value.

Thank you for choosing SAB Hospitality as your partner in healthcare. We look forward to serving you and your loved ones with our high-quality food services, no matter where you are located in India.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide exceptional hospitality services that help improve the health and well-being of patients, staff, and attendants across India. We believe that good nutrition is essential for good health, and we are proud to be a part of the healthcare industry's efforts to promote wellness and healing.

Our Vision

A future in which all people in hospital enjoy the life-enhancing benefits of good nutrition, in health & disease. We work to be tursted by patients, a valued partner in the community & creators of positive change.

Our Strengths

  • Strong employee attitudes (Qualified people in Right places).
  • Personal Relationship with customers.
  • Highly efficient, low-cost manufacturing.
  • Ability to define problems and present solutions.

Our Moral Values

  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Hygiene
  • Respect
  • Intelligibility

Wholesome Service and Delivery

Customised Health and Diet Menus

For clients who want that something more, we have options to add on health and diet menus, as per their requirements.

Balanced Menus Using Local Produce

Our material sourcing is localised, not just ensuring freshness of produce, but that we patronise local vendors as well. Our menus are balanced ensuring that clients eat healthy.

Addressing Workplace Conflict / Communications

Our robust HR, through its various initiatives, ensures that employee-engagement remains its focus.

Health Education and Promotion

Health check-ups, workshops and awareness programmes ensure that our employees are healthy and maintain hygiene practices.

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We also work with preferred suppliers who can source raw materials for specific cuisines. From authentic Indian Food to lavish French Cuisine, depending on your individual style and budget. Your guests will be happy to experience the Global Cuisines from around the world on their plates.

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